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Somatic Experiencing (SE)

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is an effective and comprehensive approach to healing from stress.  Utilizing both the body and the mind, the healing takes place at a deeper level and is very effective.

The body automatically knows how it wants to respond to challenging or difficult situations. When we experience stress, energy increases in our system. Our body instinctively reacts by moving in such a way that the built up energy is released.

However, when we are overwhelmed, we are unable to respond in the way that our body wants to respond.  The energy has nowhere to go and becomes trapped. This can result in symptoms of anxiety, sadness or depression, or a feeling of numbness or detachment. This can then interfere with all aspects of our lives, including our ability to have meaningful relationships, work productively, or experience fun and pleasure.

In Somatic Experiencing, self awareness of physical sensations and use of natural body movement help release the trapped energy.

This can then lead to a decrease in symptoms and an improvement in our relationships, our productivity and a more rewarding quality of life.

Somatic Experiencing

Brian Douville, LCSW, SEP

Phone: 703.550.4048

Leslie Dalton, PhD, SEP

Phone: 703.550.4056

For more information, contact Leslie Dalton, PhD, SEP at 703.550.4056 or Brian Douville, LCSW, SEP at 703.550.4048.

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