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Group Therapy

Many people choose to work on their problems or continue their personal growth in a small group therapy experience.  Such groups are led by licensed mental health professionals with special training in group psychotherapy.  Some of the more common reasons that group may be recommended are:

  • Feelings of isolation or depression without adequate social resources
  • Individuals troubled by the state of their relationships with repeating patterns of dissatisfaction or frustration.
  • Those that are shy and easily embarrassed and find it hard to connect with others.
  • Individuals having difficulty assessing and changing their views of themselves.
  • People who are completing a course of individual therapy and are ready to try new skills and attitudes out in relationship to others.
  • Those needing feedback about themselves and support to grow or change.

Therapy groups usually consist of 4-8 individuals who have been carefully pre-selected by the group therapist.  Most groups meet once a week and are generally open-ended – i.e. members work at their own pace and leave an ongoing group when their particular goals have been met.  Individuals usually are in a group for one year or more.  Members in the group are encouraged to express their own problems, feelings, ideas, and reactions as freely, naturally and honestly as possible.  The therapist and the group help one another to express stifled emotions, to understand puzzling behavior, and to experiment with new attitudes and ways of coping.

The following groups are currently being offered at The Stone House.  Please click on the group leader’s name to find out more about them and their group(s).

Mary Jean Kane, LCSW: Relational Psychotherapy Group: Wednesday evenings, 6:15-7:30 p.m., Mary Jean Kane, LCSW

Group Therapy

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